If glasses are prescribed for your child, Dr Sachdev will provide the prescription for your child on the day. You can take this to any Optometrist of your choice – however, your referring Optometrist is recommended. This can be discussed with Dr Sachdev during your appointment.

Patching/Occlusion therapy

Your child may need to wear a patch to improve their vision in the other eye. If this is the case, Dr Nisha will provide you with a handout to stick on the fridge so you and your family don’t forget.

Getting the family involved is always a great idea and helps compliance. This will determine how many hours a day you will need to place the patch on your child’s eye. There are a multitude of patches that can be purchased- ones that stick on skin around the eye or those that go over the glasses. The preference is up to you and your child. If you engage with your child to find a patch that they like, then this will help them wear it everyday.

At the follow up visit, it will be determined whether the patch is to continue or whether we can wean your child off patching.

Even when your child improves, patching may continue in order to prevent vision getting worse again.

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